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Professional quality property photography is becoming especially important at a time when property is hard to sell and home sellers and auctioneers are looking for every advantage they can find. You may certainly take the photos yourself, but the average property seller does not have the photographic equipment, know how & photo editing skills to really showcase your property in its full potential. Having professionally photographed over 200 properties across Galway & Ireland, below are some of my recommendations for high quality property photos. 

Property photography has to be effective, and provides different technical challenges over standard everyday photography. The shots tend to be wider, between 18mm and 24mm while ensuring to still keep the walls straight and vertical. The rooms need to be bright and airy, the colours vivid and accurate, and the view through the windows are an important part of the final image often portraying the vital attractions which may be present outside the property.

Quality images of your home represent a real marketing opportunity to showcase the best features of your property, get people to your door and reduce the time your property is for sale. Quality photographs give the viewer a chance to experience your home before they ever step foot on the premises.

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My recommendations for quality property images

Less is more – you don't need to photograph every room, only show the best rooms & features of your property.

Understand the purpose of each photo. The primary purpose of a property marketing photo is to present the features of the property. Try to minimize and remove all distractions and clutter.

Use professional series equipment where possible using:

  • A wide-angle lens (14-24mm effective focal length).
  • One or more external flash units.

The front shot is the most important shot because it motivates potential buyers to look at the rest of the photos.

Render interiors light and bright.

Straight Lines must appear straight & verticals need to be vertical.

Don't let window brightness distract. If you don't need the view outside to be seen, fill windows with white light. If the external view through the windows is a potential plus, take steps to edit the final images to bring in the view through the windows.

Present property photos for maximum visual impact ensuring the images are crisp & sharp, free from digital noise/grain & ensure correctly exposed highlights and shadows.

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Specialist interiors photography service for property sales


As a interiors photographer, I provide a professional service to help you showcase the best features of your property. A typical property can be photographed in about 3 hours followed by an additional 6-8 hours of photo editing. The images above don't pop out the the camera like that, there are many additional post processing steps which need to take place to ensure your photos will stand out from other competing properties on the market. 

If you have a property for sale and feel that you could benefit from professional quality photos for your advertising, feel free to get in touch.

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