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Photography Courses Ireland 2020

From beginner to intermediate levels, I provide two course options which teach "The Fundamentals of Digital Photography" in Ireland. I currently run private one to one lessons as well as group based workshops. My workshops are full day events normally run from 10:30AM - 5:30PM. Based in Galway, the workshops are €120 per person. I run the beginners workshops monthly in various locations throughtout Ireland, please contact me for details of upcoming workshops which may not be published yet. 

These courses are about accelerated learning and are very practical and hands on. The full day workshops are also a good opportunity to meet like minded peers, learn, practice and have some fun along the way.

My private lessons are 4 hours and cater for skill levels from beginners to advanced where we tailor the course to meet your specific photography or photo editing requirements priced at €240. View pricing & full details on both courses using the links above



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Next available date for photography workshops in Galway
Upcoming dates for photography workshops in Galway

Photography Course Frequently Asked QuestionsContact Gerard via email at [email protected] or phone 0872295675 to arrange a booking. book photography course

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FORGET Auto Mode

Get CREATIVE with your Camera


Private ONE 2 ONE lessons

What my attendees say...

"I have attended other courses with other photographers...

but none were delivered this effectively or successfully

5/5 star recommendation" | Rob Eyres - Nov 2014 Workshop

Learn "The Fundamentals of Digital Photography" FAST

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Gerard Conneely PHOTOGRAPHY


An ACCELERATED learning experience

into the world of Photography & Lighting


set of photography courses

we'll take a DEEP DIVE

into camera settings & controls

and get you fully UP-TO-SPEED

in a single sitting...

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What to Expect

A comprehensive well thought out course for beginners...

which simplifies the use of your camera

through PRACTICAL & hands on training...

A relaxed & informal group setting

of like minded peers

learning at the same pace...

Total Beginners Welcome

No Experience Required

We'll go beyond camera controls...

& learn about photography & lighting

for portraits & landscapes

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much more! create


with no compromises!

Please check the other demo sliders

Learn how to shoot any scene by using only 3 buttons on your camera!

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Camera Focusing

Out of the box - your camera decides what to focus on

This is a setup we should really avoid...

I'll teach you a technique called...

"Focus & Recompose"

Where you can pinpoint your focus...

In any part of an image - quickly and accurately...

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Learn about gear:- cameras & lenses | tripods | speedlites | accessories

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Learn why "lighting" is more important, "location" is secondary...

Take advantage of good light, in a bad location...

Lighting:- for landscapes | portraits | natural & artificial lighting techniques

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Get to grips with window light

Shooting with natural light...

Master backlighting...

Taking photos at night...

Shooting indoors without flash...

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Exposure - learn how to control the brightness of an image or certain areas within an image...

Camera's lack the ability to see what we see...

This is often what the camera does when it is confronted with a tricky scene

You'll learn multiple techniques to overcome those issues & get correct exposures...

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Learn how control your backgrounds for that out of focus effect

Typically used for portraits - it helps draw the viewers eye to the subject

"Depth of Field" - the term used for the amount of out of focus blur...

With a full topic on Depth of Field - we'll cover this in great detail...

& you'll get hands on to put that effect into your images

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Online booking available...

No deposit required

Attendee feedback from a photography workshop

Based on Gerard's recommendations, I purchased a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera with an additional prime lens before attending one of his beginner’s photography workshops in Galway. While Gerard stated that I didn't necessarily need to have a camera before his workshop, as he would be providing advice on purchasing camera bodies and lenses at his workshop, I felt I would benefit the most by having the camera beforehand. As a total novice when it came to cameras, having being using my iPhone for photos, I was delighted to see that Gerard really did a great job in explaining and simplifying its use. I run a craft business and was delighted to be able to take my own stock photos for my blog, something I certainly would not have imagined doing before attending Gerard's workshop. Thank you Gerard for such an insightful learning experience!

Dervla Jennings - May 2014 Workshop


Course Outline for beginners | Private photography lessons and photography workshops Ireland

Learning Photography in Ireland

Learning to use your DSLR Camera

Best Photography Courses in Ireland

Attendee feedback from a workshop

Had the pleasure of attending the day long workshop with Ger and found it really useful. The course was professionally delivered and I found Ger extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The materials and techniques thought were brilliant and have allowed me to make very informed decisions around upgrading my camera in addition to providing me with improved ability to utilise my camera for a variety of scenarios. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in improving their photographic skill set.

Ger Lawlor, March 2015 Workshop - review via google +

Photography Workshops
for beginners
fast learning on core topics
small groups | full day 10:30am - 5:30pm | €120 | online booking available
location: Oughterard, Co. Galway
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Hi, I'm Gerard, an experienced wedding photographer & photography teacher. I photograph weddings throughout Ireland & I'm based in Co. Galway in the west of Ireland.

I'd consider myself to be a people person, I know how to bring out the best in my couples & I take what I do very seriously, but you would never think so when working with me.

I've been photographing weddings for 6 years; my style is very much documentary in nature & I’ve found over the years the best way to capture beautiful moments is to let them occur naturally. Many love stories have unfolded in front of my cameras and it truly is an honour when a couple places their trust in me to document their day.

While some of my couples live only a few miles away, others plan their wedding from abroad & I place great emphasis on taking care of my couples both pre & post wedding. If you like the idea of a photographer who will guide you through each step from the pre-wedding meeting, the day itself & right through to delivering your printed story in an Italian handmade album, I'd love to hear from you...

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